FO: Garter Stitch Cowl

Garter Stitch Cowl
My garter stitch cowl is finished! This took a wee bit too long to complete—I think I cast it on around the beginning of January and just finished it this weekend.

Garter Stitch Cowl
The yarn is Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock in Truffle, which was lovely to work with. I didn’t use a pattern—just counted up a length of stitches that looked right to me, then knitted rows and rows of garter stitch. I worked the piece flat, then seamed it at the end.

Garter Stitch Cowl
Had to throw a filter on this selfie because I was not feeling the greatest on that day. 😣

It’s a nice, lightweight piece, but since it’s fingering weight yarn, it’s not the cushiest of cowls. That’s ok, but I think I prefer wearing cowls that are bulkier since they’re cozier and warmer. If I were to knit this again, I’d make it much wider so that it could be folded—which would require another skein of yarn.

Detailed specs: US size 5 needles for the body of the piece and size 10 needles for the bind off. Used almost the entire skein of yarn.

Ravelry project page: Garter Stitch Cowl

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