Snowpocalypse 2018

We normally don’t get much snow in southeastern Virginia, but we were right in the path of winter storm Grayson this past week (aka Bomb Cyclone, aka Snowpocalypse, aka Snowmageddon). That meant a couple snow days off from work (yaaaaas), lots of reading, and lots of knitting. aka a dream for a hermit like me.

Snowpocalypse Melting

The current state of our backyard. Melting, but still quite frozen.

Right now, I’m working on a garter stitch cowl in Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock yarn. I didn’t use a pattern—just counted up a length of stitches that looked right to me—and started knitting rows and rows of garter stitch. I’m working this flat, then I’ll seam it at the end. Hopefully the dimensions will turn out okay.

Garter Stitch Cowl WIP

Mindless garter stitch makes me happy. I managed to drop a couple stitches while watching tv, naturally. I’m pretty sure I fixed them all but who can tell the difference anyway? 😀

Garter Stitch Cowl WIP

Thankfully, the snowstorm didn’t knock out my electricity, although I had obsessively charged all my digital devices prior to the storm hitting. I binge read my ARC of The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn, which just released on January 2nd.

This book had a ton of buzz at BookExpo 2017, which is where I picked up my copy. While I enjoyed the book—it’s quite suspenseful and a fast read—I’m not convinced it’s the next big thing. Read my full review on Goodreads.

Speaking of bingeing, I recently got caught up on Black Mirror, seasons 3 and 4. I am OBSESSED. I haven’t been this into a tv show since Lost. I think I’m going to go back to season 1 and do a rewatch because I can’t stop thinking about the show.

If you’re currently buried under snow and ice too, I hope you stay safe and warm. ☃

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